Your website’s SEO, or search engine optimization, is a powerful determining factor in the success of your business. Consequently, you need to understand what all impacts your SEO and how you can improve it. As a starting point, there are a few strategies you should consider for your SEO improvement plan.

Grow Your Backlinks

When you link another website on your page or when your website is linked on another site, that is considered a backlink. Essentially, you want your content to be referenced and linked on other websites. The more backlinks that exist to your business’s webpage, the higher the ranking search engines will give you. Backlinks to your site show that what is on your site should be viewed. One way to get more backlinks, you need to start by reaching out to other small businesses and making agreements to backlink each other’s sites in a way that is mutually beneficial. You can either reach out individually or through an outreach system.

Use Better Keywords

Your SEO is also strongly linked to your use of keywords. However, some keywords will have more weight in SEO rankings than others. Ideally, you want to include words that people are actually searching for when you set up a page or publish an article. You can do this by looking at Google Trends. Google Trends helps you see in real time what people are searching for. Using this information, you can write or even rewrite content in a way that capitalizes on the keywords and improve your standings online. For example, if “solar panels” is a trending phrase, your website for your construction company could write a post about the benefits of solar power in homes.

Collect Reviews

Just as customers are the driving force behind your business, their reviews are also essential to boosting your SEO. In general, search engines want to give more attention to businesses that they deem as respectable or well-liked. This means that if you have more reviews, specifically more good reviews, your rankings online will grow. Keywords in reviews also have an impact on your SEO in the same way that keywords in posts do. You can even boost your SEO further by responding to reviews.

Your website’s SEO is a good way to measure your return on investment for your web design. A good SEO is a great way to back up all your business’s hard work. Once you follow strategies to improve your SEO, you will see your website visits grow exponentially.

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