A well-planned marketing plan can help your business grow exponentially. However, it is important to keep in mind that the opposite is also true. A poorly made marketing strategy can yield negative outcomes. Luckily, you can prevent this issue if you are aware of the warning signs.

Your Metrics Are Declining

All marketing strategies are based on measurable goals and achievements you want to reach. That is where metrics come into play. By looking at the metrics, you can accurately see if you can meet the goals you set. However, if you are not reaching your marketing goals metrics, you can know that there is something wrong. For example, if your marketing goal is to have 100 people click on links to your website daily, but only 50 people see your website, you can know that there is something you need to fix. In general, you can get client feedback and learn what they do and do not like for what the business puts out. Once you tailor your marketing to their needs, then your metrics will increase.

Negative Reviews Are Dragging You Down

As mentioned above, feedback is an important part of your business’ marketing plan because it shows you if it is working. However, not all reviews are created equal. Negative reviews can drag down your business in ratings and hurt your chance of growth. While you cannot remove your negative reviews, you can shift your marketing strategy towards collecting positive reviews. Gaining positive reviews is the best way to hide negative reviews. Based on the negative reviews, you will know what course correction you need to make in your marketing plan. You can incentivize reviews to encourage people to share their experiences. The goal is to change in a way that minimizes the negative reviews and creates a shift towards positive ones.

Competition is Growing

Competitors are an important part of creating a marketing strategy. Not only do you want a customer to be attracted to your business, but you also want them to choose you over others. As a result, if your competitors are still getting all the attention, you can know that the market is still thriving, but you need to change your strategy to put your foot in the door. Then you want to continue to keep up with competitors.


If you invested funds into a marketing plan, you want it to work. When the outcome is not what you hoped, you need to know how to fix your strategy. Once you can recognize the warning signs, you can turn around the future of your business.

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