Your customers are the driving force of your business. Staying connected to your customers fosters a loyalty that will ensure your business receives the income it needs to succeed! Social media, newsletters, and loyalty programs are effective strategies you can use to connect with your customers and gain that loyal following.

Get Them to Follow You on Social Media

Billions of people all over the world use social media to connect with people or organizations. These platforms are tools that are completely free to you, and can reach millions of individuals! By using social media you can introduce users to your business, use posts to provide information about your products or services and advertise their benefits, comment on and tailor your brand to social trends, and (most importantly) connect with consumers! Through interactive “stories” or comments on posts, you can respond to your consumers’ questions, comments and concerns about your business and gather data about what your customer’s expectations are. This is a perfect form of constant exposure for your brand to those millions of users within your reach.

Start a Newsletter

Get your consumers to subscribe to newsletters from your business. Email newsletters are a leading content marketing strategy by both B2B and B2C marketeers! This is a low cost, low maintenance, and low risk way to reach out to customers with information on special offers, personalized product advertisements, success stories, and any updates to your business. Even if these emails aren’t read thoroughly, they are a great way to remind your consumers about their interest in your business and will provide succinct information on the things that will pull them back in to doing business with you.

Create a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a popular way to get customers excited about your brand. Each purchase earns them points which they can “spend” on special deals. One of the many benefits of loyalty programs is the bond that forms between business and customer. The customer wants to continue to do business with you in order to access the “rewarding” deals, and you are guaranteed their interest! Find an effective balance between the value of the reward (so that it is actually incentivizing for the customers) and your own profits. This will promote a dedication to your brand that will grow more and more with every purchase.


Connecting with and committing to your customers creates a relationship that can reward them and you. Try any or all of these strategies and see which ones bring you the most positive interactions. Improving customer relations will give your business the boost it needs!


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